SAMHOON Mainly Works for CBRN Facilities, Special Doors And Thermal Sight



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We, SamHoon are an assiduous and qualified manufacturing company drawing a distinction on special industrial products for preventing national disasters and protecting human lives, such as CBRNe Shelter and Facilities, NBC Filter, NBC Mask, Thermal Sight Camera, Special doors, and so on. We hold the exceptionally integrated technical systems and the cutting-edged manufacturing facilities. And we also have had possession of certifications ISO 9001,ISO14001 and UL 10C, UL 10B(R21261), UL 10B WITH UL 63(R21544), ANSI 250.4, ASTM F 2247 ASTM E 90, ANSI 250.4, ASTM F 2247, ASTM E 90, CNS 11527 and Industrial property rights that are the foundations of the industry.

As the company is responsible for the protection facilities of Korea in the 21st century, we are processing to construct and operate a blast test laboratory which can certify the explosion resistance of products or facilities, we have poured all our effort into developing the technology and quality of our products, in step with the globalization and state-of-the-art technologies within the industry.

If you want to have more information and inquiry, please visit us our homepage ( or send us email. We thank you for your continuous interests and attention to our company.

Our best regards

Jongsam, Moo/CEO