Thermal Sight

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Thermal Sight

RB 225P

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RB 225P Surveillance uncooled thermal camera

Tactical surveillance thermal system, high resolution zooming, allowing target detection in harsh environmental conditions as dense fog, heavy smoke and total darkness.

  • - Search and rescue
  • - Border surveillance
  • - Industrial monitoring
  • - Forest fire detection
  • - Perimeter security monitoring
Type RB225P
Detector Uncooled?FPA?Microbolometer
NETD <70mk
Spectral?Range 8~14?µ?m
Resolution 640x480
Focal length 30~225mm motorized
Focus Range 5m ~ ∞
Image Color White Hot, Black Hot
Maximum Angle Azimuth Speed 7.5o/s
Maximum Azimuth Range 350o
Maximum Angle Elevation Speed 7.5o/s
Maximum Elevation Speed ±45?o
Pedestal Power 220V or 12VDC
Recording Time 24hours
Operation By battery 2hours
Power 220V and Internal Battery
Weight <15kg pedestal with camera
Color Black or Cream
Operating Temperature -30℃~+55℃
Storage Temperature -40℃~+65℃
Standard MIL_STD_810F or IDS No 247