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RBF-15L is a Tactical light weight camera designed to detect any optical camera aiming to the target specially snipers up to 1500 meter distance.

RBF-15L will show the hidden optical cameras as spot light by sending and receiving the laser pulse through any optical systems

Optical specification
FOV 4.3~115.6mm
Wide Fov 61.220x47.160
Tele Fov 1.470x1.100
Optical Zoom 34 X
Camera Resolution 600 TV Line
Integrated Display 2 OLED
Display Size 9x12.78mm
Display Resolution 600x852Pixel
Video Format PAL
Output Video Frequency 50 Hz
Laser specification
Laser Beem angle 130~350
Laser output Power 4 W
Camera Power consumption 23.6W
Power Adapter 220/14.8 , 4A
Batter Type Li-Ion rechargeable
Batter Specification 14.8V, 2100mAh
Batter Operation Life time 110minutes
Environment condition
Storage Temperature -20℃ to + 50℃
Operation Temperature -30℃ to + 60℃
Physical specification
Size 26 x 21 x 10cm
Color Digital / Khaki / Black
Weight 2.5kg