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Thermal Sight


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Thermal Sight is used in dark, foggy, less light, fire, harsh environment etc. to see target.
Thermal Sight combined the functions is used in private and special areas to identify targets in dark, foggy, less light, fire, harsh environment etc.
by attaching them to personal firearms (weapons, (rifles), and the thermal sight can certain the position of the target to attack.

Depending on products' features,
A product can be installed on a helmet, personal fire arms, tripod, vehicles.
In addition, depending on products, detection range can 10km~20km to show a person and object clearly, and products can be connected to a monitor to see.

A product can measure not only the moving speed of the target but also the moving speed between target,
even a product can measure the height of a target over sea level,
Also, including a laser, a product can measure latitude and longitude as GPS, have compass function,
There are many types of products with infrared motion as well as color motion (Daylight).

If a data transfer system is included, data can be transferred to vehicles or aircraft without Internet or Wifi, up to a distance of 200 km with 8 Mbits / sec in real time.
There is a product called RB100LH which is developed only for military purposes, like the RB100LH,
Many products also have different additional function that can be used in industrial, police, fire department and harsh environment situations.

The image showing from the device is not clear when it is used in the room, and the use of the laser must be avoided in the room which causes the failure of the device.
Also, the transmittance of objects such as glass and water which cause reflection of light is considerably low to the device

Please refer to the manual of each device for the product.

The characteristics of our products have different technology unlike the existing technologies which are IT, 2nd generation image intensifier tube, and 3rd generation image intensifier tube,
We use technology of thermal detection by target, and also camera HD function.
We also solved the life time issue which has been resolved in the existing image intensifiers tube technology.
Our products has improved performance of the existing products by applying both thermal detection and daylight detection

Moo, Jong-Sam/CEO