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Dual-Light Human Body Temperature Screening System

1. Face capture, thermal imaging, intelligent matching of visible light 2. Cost effective, maintenance-free design 3. Proprietary patented black body, can work for a long time without affecting accuracy 4. Small size and easy installation 5. Establish a virtual personnel channel to automatically screen with fever 6. Three-level alarm settings, healthy people, re-examination crowd, fever crowd accurate alarm 7. External black body system measurement accuracy 8. Large field of view, multi-target accurate identification and tracking, can track up to 30 targets at the same time, reducing missed detection rate
IR parts
Resolution / pitch 384*288
Pixels 17 µm
Focus 10mm
FOV 37.6°x 28.6°
Visible light
Resolution 1920x1080
Black body
Temperature stability accuracy ≤±0.2℃
Temperature testing
Range test 20℃~50℃
Temperature test accuracy ≤±0.3℃
Temperature correction Built-in and external black body, automatic correction
Water proof IP65
Interface One network interface RJ45, one 12V power interface
Temperature measurement Face recognition, intelligent human body temperature tracking measurement, intelligent body temperature correction
Alarm / snapshot Three-level alarm settings, alarm capture, sound alarm
Other parameter setting Video adjustment, alarm temperature setting (three-level alarm), full screen mode setting, image segmentation setting, black body reference temperature setting etc
Historical data query Query historical alarm data and process historical alarm data
Double light matching Thermal imaging visible light intelligent matching, synchronous alarm
Environmental adaptability
Working temperature  0℃~30℃ (16℃~30℃ Accurate temperature measurement)
Storage temperature -30℃~65℃
Working humidity -20℃~60℃