Thermal Sight

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Thermal Sight


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Single-Double hinged 7*28 Binocular Camera.

Designed and manufactured as small, and as light weight field glass to be an easy-going camera.
Thanks to its adjustable tube and distance calculating reticle, making it so much suitable for any precise use and military operation.

  • - Ergonomic & user friendly.
  • - Small & Compact.
  • - Precise & Reliable.
  • - Anti fog-up and corrosion free nitrogen gas control.
Optical specification
Zoom 7X
Lens 28mm
Diameter 4mm
FOV 7”
The Crossis Horizontal 50-0-50Mil
Cross Vertical Line 30-0-70Mil
Adjustment Range ± 4 diopter
Interpupillary Distance 14mm
Physical specification
Size 135x110x50mm
Color Black
Weight 360±20g